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SpotOn is the perfect partner for athletes who want to fully concentrate on their careers. Also sport-fans are very welcome and can enjoy exclusive and extraordinary experiences and adventures. SpotOn provides high-quality solutions and professional answers to any questions.



Communication and Marketing


Athlete- and Team-Support

"Video Killed the Radio Star" isn't really true. Broadcasting didn't replace newspapers, Television didn't let the Radio die and the many possibilities via Internet are also only additions and not exclusives. This is why SpotOn doesn't eliminate but complement - to supply custom-made and complete solutions.


  • Situation analysis and strategy development

  • Individual marketing and communication concepts

  • Brand building and expansion

  • Online services


A race car doesn't drive without drive shaft as well as a marketing concept doesn't work without the activation of all relevant channels. We take off at the start straight with merchandise collections and online shops, then we take the first turn with corporate brochures, adverts and magazines. After that we take the next bend including website-relaunches, blogs, social media and apps and at the final straight we proceed with corporate videos, picture composing and video content. SpotOn is definitely the right co-driver for you on this race track!



In the best case, athletes should be able to fully concentrate on their sport. The SpotOn team is always happy to help, assist and manage everything else that's important in the sport business. Passionate lateral thinking is the key - someone who stops walking will never make it to the finish line.


  • Professional sportsmen and team guidance

  • Press and media relations

  • Sponsors support & networking services

  • Merchandising

  • All-inclusive-organization from A-Z




Ever been to the Formula 1 Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi, walking around in the pit lane? Ever planned an exciting trip to Asia and attended the Red Bull Air Race in Malaysia? SpotOn makes your wildest dreams come true and the team is very happy about each and every special request. Others are organizing events, the SpotOn team is managing experiences.


  • Events from A-Z

  • Full service

  • Custom-made productions

  • Corporate Hospitality

  • Exclusive Locations



You do not only want to look at race tracks, you want to go for a spin? You do not only want to gaze at  race cars, you want to experience the ride by yourself? The experts of SpotOn transform every "mission impossible" to something possible. Book your custom-made personal MOTORSPORT EXPERIENCE or be a VIP at the Formula 1:


  • Pit lane walk

  • Exclusive pit stop at Mercedes-Benz or Williams Martini Racing

  • VIP Meet & Greet with Susie Wolff

  • Hospitality access

  • Exclusive catering

  • First-class view of the action on the race track

  • Host gifts from Formula 1 teams

  • Live-screening with different perspectives and time monitors

  • And much more



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